Frequently asked questions.

How long is your average delivery time?

The vast majority of orders are on their way to you within 48 hours. We only ship CO2-neutrally with DHL. Outgoing mail takes place daily on weekdays. Should we run into a bottleneck for your product, we will of course let you know in good time.

Where can you buy your Bicycledudes bikeshelfs?

We have been growing steadily since our foundation in summer 2016. You can currently find our products in our online shop here on the website, at Etsy, in the Avocado Store, at Selekkt – home for young design and Enjoyyourbike.

Do you offer a way to fix the front wheel so that it does not wobble in the bracket?

Since 2020 we have been offering you two felt straps with the dudes “Barni” and “Fred”. With both you can easily and comfortably fix the front wheel to the frame.

What is the German Bicycle Brand Contest?

Whether technical gadgets, practical accessories or sustainably produced bicycle models – the bicycle industry is constantly developing. It has long been defined and differentiated clearly through brand and design. With the BICYCLE BRAND CONTEST, the German Design Council honors outstanding product and communication design in the industry. The award is aimed at companies in the bicycle industry – and at their partners in the supply industry, in design and in the communications sector.

Bicycle wall mounts as theft protection?

In Germany, an average of more than 300,000 bicycles are stolen each year – and the trend is rising. The clearance rate, on the other hand, remains at a sad 10%. Metropolises and public places are particularly affected. For all of you who have to park your bike outside permanently or who have already been tried and tested theft: No more! Bring your dear bike home.

Is there a way to rate you?

Of course – gladly. We look forward to every rating on Google. You can find the “Reviews” option directly on our Google profile. If you have placed your order via etsy or Avocadostore, you are also welcome to rate us on the portals.

I have wide handlebars – wider than 60cm, do you have a solution for me?

A wide handlebar is not a problem in itself. We spent a long time testing back and forth what happens to a wide handlebar. The bike is just as stable in the holder as it is with a shorter handlebar. If your handlebars are wider than 60cm, the front wheel turns with the handlebars. This is primarily a visual issue and the question of whether you like it that much. With super wide handlebars it should be noted that dirty tires could hit the wall.

Can you produce individual colors?

We would love to answer the question with a quick and happy “yes”. Unfortunately, this is only half the story. We are basically able to produce our bikeshelfs in individual colors, but of course we do not have them in stock, which means that an individual color is basically possible – economically it will be unattractive for you due to the high, individual investment costs.

What is the German Design Award?

The GERMAN DESIGN AWARD honors innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers who are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by the top-class international jury. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented economy. We were honored at the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and HomeAccessories” for our BicycleDudes bicycle wall mounts.

Can you also produce individual sizes?

Unfortunately, no. Basically, we are of course technically able to manufacture other sizes in our production – the challenge is the non-existent tests for statics and usability of formats that differ from our standard. Since we are perfectionists and want to offer you a maximum standard, we decided to refrain from custom-made products.

Our Promise.  

For us, fairness and sustainability are the basis for our thoughts and actions. This applies to our products as well as to customers and business partners. Do you have any questions? Perhaps measuring yourself or misjudging you? You don't like the bikeshelf? We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Your BicycleDudes.



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